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The 7 essential tools we use to work from Home...every day

At Arcadyx, we are a small group of Salesforce consultants. We visit our customers from time-to-time but still...most of the time we work remotely.

We can do this in an efficient manner because we use tools that allow us to collaborate from everywhere.

In this time where most of us will have to take some distance from the office and work from Home, we wanted to share our toolset with the community in hope it can be useful to other Small Businesses.

We use quite a few cloud-based applications but here are the 7 essentials we use everyday:


Salesforce is our main control tower. We use it as our CRM platform to keep track of all our activities with clients and prospects.

We have access to all client and prospect Emails and to the client related documents that we store on Google Drive.

G Suite

G Suite (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar...) is a bundle of web productivity apps (email, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool...). The applications are similar to the Microsoft Office suite but built from the start to facilitate collaboration with your colleagues.

Experience once collaborating on a shared document in Google Docs and you will love to hate Microsoft Word !

Google Hangout Meet

Google Hangout Meet allows you to quickly setup video calls. It requires no installation or specific setup.

Create an event from your Google Calendar, invite your people and start a conversation. It's that simple and it works !

Google Drive

We use Google Drive, as our shared document repository. It gives us access to all our documents from everywhere and from Salesforce, Confluence and Jira, our most critical collaboration tools.


Harvest is our tool of choice to manage our timesheets and client invoices.

If you're in the Service Business and want to streamline your project reporting and invoicing process, this is definitely a tool you should consider.

Confluence & Jira Cloud

We use Confluence & Jira Cloud as our project collaboration platform.

The Cloud edition of those tool is super easy to setup and, as with all the other web tools we use, accessible for all from everywhere.

WhatsApp (for Mac or Windows)

Did you know you can have WhatsApp installed on your desktop ?

We use the desktop version of WhatsApp when we want to share some quick news or project successes with our colleagues !

At Arcadyx we firmly believe that using cloud-based software is the key to unlock the capacity to work from everywhere in any situation.

Please drop us a line to share your experience with cloud-based applications and take care of yourself, your family and your community !

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